Show off time.....

We have won many awards since taking over the Company in 2003. The more recent of which are listed below..... but we can't resist telling you about three of our most proud moments; in 2008 we won ‘Best Cheddar’ at the World Cheese Awards, in 2013, again we won ‘Best Cheddar’ in the British Cheese Awards (122 cheddars entered!), then in May 2017 we won 'CHAMPION CHEESE' at the Devon County Show. 

To test us further, in 2015 we were SALSA approved. [Safe and Local Supplier Approval]. This involves an independent annual audit of our Quality Management Systems,  highly regarded within the British Food Industry.

Every year we strive to improve quality and, some believe, a good measure can be found in the Cheese Competitions, particularly The World Cheese Awards, The British Cheese Awards, The Global Cheese Awards and some of the West Country Shows. Every year we enter these competitions and are proud to compete with the more famous and much longer-established Cheddar Cheese expert Families. (A full list of our awards dating back to 2005 is available if you're interested!) Recent awards include:

September 2017

THREE Silver  Medals For Extra Mature (our Vintage), Mature and Medium (our Mellow). Excellent judges at the wonderful Global Cheese Awards held at The Frome Cheese Show!  Click here for more.

May 2017

CHAMPION Cheese and 1st Prize for our Smoked Cheddar, 1st Prize for Extra Mature (Our 'Vintage') and 2nd Prize for Mature Cheddar at The Devon County Show.

September 2016

Silver and Bronze at the Global Cheese Awards, Frome Cheese Show.

May 2016

Bronze Medal for our Mellow Cheddar at The British Cheese Awards

Silver for Cave Matured & Bronze for Mature Cheddar at the Devon County Show

May 2015

Silver for Mature, Bronze for Cave Matured and Bronze for Mild (our Mellow) Cheddar at The British Cheese Awards at The Bath and West Show

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