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Place an order with us online this Saturday and Sunday (22nd and 23rd April 2017). Spend a minimum of £15 and we will deliver direct to you, in the UK, for free

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We are getting involved with the International promotion and awareness of RAW MILK Cheese. Apart from taste there are many other benefits of eating raw milk cheese. 

For example did you know raw milk cheese contains a richer variety of beneficial bacteria and enzymes than pasteurised milk? These have measurable benefits to our health and digestion. The term 'probiotic' is often used to promote 'Live' yogurts and the health benefits of eating this is well known; well the same health benefits apply to raw milk and raw milk cheese too!

Raw milk contains all 8 of the essential amino acids (protein building blocks) - very few foods do. Also raw milk cheese is rich in minerals & vitamins many of which are changed or destroyed during pasteurisation,

There are strict controls associated with raw milk cheese production however and these are very important. Milk is the perfect food, let's face it! In order to prevent harmful bacteria entering and living in this wonderful medium, those of us who produce cheese (from raw or pasteursied) face the same concerns. However when we make raw milk cheese we must ensure the milk with which we make our cheese is produced at high quality dairies and that it is from a TB free herd.We need to ensure our equipment is clean and hygienic, that we work to high standards and meet all legislation associated with our product. We have a responsibility to ensure our products are safe. 

We produce raw milk traditional cheddar cheese and take our responsibilities very seriously indeed.

Now, how about coming to visit us on April 22nd, in Cheddar, where you can taste our cheese for free? We will happily chat you through this unique cheese making process, so that you can appreciate the difference yourself! Our owner, aka The Big Cheese, will be here between 12noon and 4pm to chat to our visitors and discuss the benefits of eating unpasteurised cheddar cheese.


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