Champion Cheese Maker: FACT!

We are so proud of our Production Supervisor and Senior Cheese Maker, Shaun.

Yesterday we won ‘Champion’ at the Devon County Show for a cheese which Shaun made. Not only did it win First Prize in its category, but it was first overall, scoring 48 points out of a maximum of 50. We are over the moon about this. Well done Shaun.

Hand made traditional cheese making is a labour of love. Our Cheese Makers receive the milk into our Dairy every morning, and undergo a 7 to 8 hour transformation responsibility which is not only a physical slog, but the concentration and attention to detail to control time, temperature and critical controls (both physical and chemical) is exhausting. As those in the cheese industry know, it takes a certain kind of person to make cheese and as our SALSA Quality Auditor remarked about Shaun during our last inspection “He was born to be a cheese maker”.

Making the cheese is the first day of its life, we then press it, dress it and mature some of our traditional cheeses for up to 2 years. The care involved has paid off well and truly.

Of course it’s a team effort as our other Cheese Makers Sam and Will would have contributed to the care throughout its life in our maturing stores, but it was Shaun who ‘gave birth’ to this beauty – he is now a CHAMPION Cheese Maker and we are very proud indeed.



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