The Big Challenge.

On August 13th, 2003 John and Katherine Spencer embraced an almighty task. They were handed the keys to a declining cheddar cheese business and were faced with a vast challenge. How could they turn a small company’s fortunes around, in a dwindling market, faced with stiff competition from the multinationals? 

This was no easy undertaking. Small family producers of Cheddar had been in decline for decades. The big manufacturers of Industrial ‘plastic’ cheddar valued economy over taste, and the heritage of the UK’s most famous national cheese was being lost.

The Spencer family were filled with resolve. With 80 years experience in the cheese and dairy industry between them, they determined to restore the only cheddar made in Cheddar to its proper place.

It was a journey that started with one crucial step and vital ingredient - the milk. Using only fresh, local unpasteurised milk from a herd grazing the lush pastures of Cheddar - the true original character of the cheese could be preserved.

Our happy cows where they belong!

'Amazing hidden gem... Great treat to see a truly amazing working cheese factory and taste the product too' Michele Jason Denbow-Arnold

Finding the perfect match...

Their determination and the skills they brought with them turned out to be the perfect match. Today, the family-owned, independent small artisan cheesemaker, has earned accolades around the globe. The cheeses they produce are award-winning and rated as some of the best Cheddars in the world. The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company is indeed today, the only producer of cheddar left in the village of Cheddar, Somerset.

                Traditional cheddar cheeses, long-matured in cloth

The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company is renowned for its big taste Cheddars. Visitors come from all over the world to watch them make, cut and pack their famous cheese.


Naturally, being somewhat fanatical about cheese, I couldn’t leave without making a purchase. Hands down, it was the best Cheddar I’ve ever tasted'   Nimis Word

From strength to strength...

Since those early days, the Company has gone from strength to strength. It now rides the crest of a wave of small independent producers, for whom heritage, craft, taste and passion drive their belief in the taste and goodness of real food.

The walls of the shop are packed with the awards and accolades the company has received. The social media revolution has ensured that many five star reviews are a testimony to the high esteem the cheese and the company are held in.

Tasters ready for tasting


As it was in the beginning, the taste is everything. Come down and visit if you can, if not browse our website, order online or even give us a call. Let your tingling taste buds decide!

You are in the right place for authentic cheddar and at the heart of...

                                              THE ONLY CHEDDAR MADE IN CHEDDAR

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