Comfort Food is Calling

Maybe it’s just that time of year.  But it seems to me that comfort food is calling louder and clearer than at any other time. What does it mean for you?  And does that change throughout the year? While you might have that pizza feeling or, that sweet desire for something (read anything!) made out of chocolate – does the season change that inner need to connect with something sweet and sticky, or even chewy and carbilicious? What about the fruit attacks or the Spring-like desire to shake off the winter stodge and embrace the love of a sparkling fresh salad?

But here, right now, with winter not yet quite done, what does comfort food really mean to you?  Surely grabbing a plate or bowl of your favourite something is not just about filling up!   Could it be about satisfying the senses as well as the belly?

I came home wearily the other day to find that our just about teenage daughter – not often known for a love of domestic duties – had run up a tray of fudge brownies. Just like that. Soft, meltingly chewy, gooey and above all oozing chocolate.

Chocolate brownies

It was perfect comfort food and a perfect foodie moment. and made all the better for her using some serious cocoa percentage chocolate. All of which made me think; Comfort food is about satisfying senses as well as the stomach and means using quality ingredients that taste super fantastic.

Comforting as feel-good chocolate may be. What about those savoury moments? Leaving the ubiquitous pizza to one side – what about an epic mac and cheese? it’s not just that it is relatively straightforward and easy to make, but it is heartwarmingly, meltingly good. And from the heart, we can tell you, that if you skimp on the quality of the cheddar you are missing out!

Macaroni and Cheese - Cheddar Gorge Cheese Co

Plastic supermarket cheddar might well melt just as easily – but a seriously good cheddar such as our classic Vintage will melt your heart. Not only do you need less cheese – but it takes your humble mac n cheese into the taste stratosphere – seriously satisfying those senses.

Then again – who said comfort food had to be sweet or heavy?   Spring, surely can’t be far away now and then we’ll be onto a different form of craving. Yes, those tantalising tingling salads, fruit or otherwise will be calling out. Fresh and light, zingy and colourful.  Cleansing us inside and out.

Fresh fruit

Sometimes you just have to listen to your heart and give in to your cravings. So, whatever your senses are crying out for this weekend – why not give into them – with an extra bit of love and taste gratification?


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