Let Them Eat Cheese Cake

There didn’t seem to be a lot of Christmas cake around the table this year. Personally, I didn’t miss it but then I have to confess that I never really liked it that much. Asking around, the consensus here is that Christmas cake, as in heavily booze-soaked fruitcake, marzipan and icing with a plastic Santa on the top and a ribbon around the side is, well, a little bit passé.

That may not be the case for everybody, but the fact is, tastes and fashions do change . Truth is there wasn’t even any room for Christmas pudding around our table this year, and nobody really seemed that bothered.

Wedding Cakes

It’s not just the poor old Christmas cake that is getting short shrift.  Weddings are getting a makeover too. There’s been a move away from the traditional wedding venue as in Registry offices and churches. Now couples are tying the knot throwing themselves out of planes (with parachutes), underwater, and on any beach they can find.

under water wedding

The traditional wedding cake has also been taking a battering (not deep fried, though someone must have tried at some point). There is still however demand for something celebratory on special occasion. And a certain type of cheese cake is standing up to be counted. This is not the baked or frozen cheese cake either but a genuine tiered cake. As in ascending layers of delicious cheeses, the foundation of which is most often a whopping great disc of fabulous cheddar.

Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company Wedding Cake

And up we go with a Shropshire Blue perhaps or a Stilton. There are Bries and Cornish Yarg, small wheels of Camembert and basically anything that is round, well cheesy (some are even interspersed with pork pies!)

And it’s not just weddings. In fact, Cheese Cakes are becoming a hit wherever hungry and thirsty people want a celebration. Be it birthday, anniversary, graduation, or reunion and want to make a statement and feed a whole bunch of merry guests. Who, with all that celebrating might not just fancy fruitcake. And what really goes better with wine, cider or beer than gorgeous cheese, carved up with crackers, pickles and whatever else you fancy?

Cheese and pie wedding cake

Cheddar Gorge Cheese Cakes

Of course, we are biased. We’re delighted too. It’s a celebration of great cheese and you can start with us, and we’ll talk you through the process and deliver the whole thing to your door. We make the best cheddar in the world and that gets anyone’s cheese cake off to a flying start and a solid foundation . The rest is entirely up to you. But it’s good to know that it is entirely possible these days to have your cake and eat it. Especially with crackers and pickles, not to mention a little glass of something.

Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company Cake with wine and fruit


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