The Humble Cheese Rind

Cheese is one of life’s pleasures, as addictive as narcotics, but thankfully much better for us.

Professor Tim Spector, author of The Diet Myth, has a theory that the French are slimmer because they eat funky cheeses full of good bacteria that are vital for a healthy digestive system.


Can I eat the rind?

It’s a common conundrum and a question that we come across on an almost daily basis here in our shop and visitor centre in Cheddar Gorge. The simple answer is yes, although some cheese rinds are more palatable than others. Although they may be edible, not all rinds are made equal; whether or not you like the rind will come down to your personal palate.

Rinds, simply put, are the outside layer of a cheese which develops during the aging process; our traditional cheddar has a natural rind which develops through evaporation of moisture through the traditional cloth with which we dress our cheese. This thin crust protects the internal body of the cheese or paste, prolonging the life of the whole cheese. The cheese rind will also host vital moulds and microorganisms which contribute hugely to flavour. Left to their own devices, cheese will naturally form a rind, although in the case of some cheeses the rind is influenced by the cheesemaker. There are many different types of rind such as mould ripened, brine washed and pierced.

traditional cheddar has a natural rind

Natural rinds have the least amount of intervention. Traditional Cheddar is matured in cloth, allowing the cheese to ‘breath’ whilst it ages, exposing it to the all-important microflora and humidity that plays such an integral part in the overall flavours and textures of the cheese.  Sadly, the majority of Cheddar style cheeses found in today’s market are aged in plastic film or other protective coatings such as wax, which prevents rind formation, so it’s not so surprising that many of us have never encountered a Cheddar rind before.

cheese dressing – traditional cheddar is matured in cloth

Most rinds are edible and will enhance the cheeses overall flavour. The natural flavours of a cheddar rind reflect its aging environment – mushroom, earthy or even a subtle nuttiness – its nature’s compliment to the paste of the cheese and its always worth sampling a small portion to see what flavour, if any, the rind adds to your cheese eating experience. Take a little nibble of cheese with the rind and let your taste buds guide you. If the flavour and texture of the rind enhances the experience of eating the cheese, then go for it!


Some of us enjoy eating the rind just as it is, but if not, then don’t worry – the harder almost chewy texture of cheddar rind (particularly long-matured cheddars) isn’t to everyone’s taste – but once you’ve finished eating the good stuff, resist the temptation to banish the rinds to the compost bin and give it a new lease of life as a flavour-boosting addition to some of your favourite dishes instead.

The rind can be simply grated onto pasta dishes like spaghetti Bolognese or sprinkled over al-dente vegetables or try crisping thin slices of rind in the grill or cutting up into cubes and frying to serve with soups instead of croutons. Your cheese rind can also be used to add extra savoury flavours to soups, stews and sauces – simply add the rinds as you would a bay leaf and fish out what’s left before serving.

If you have a little more time to spare, cheese rind works wonders as a stock, adding an extra depth of flavour which can be used as a rich broth for soups, hot pots, pie fillings and casseroles or a base for risottos, pan sauces or even braising meat and vegetables.

Cheese Rind Broth

This savoury broth can be made ahead of time and kept in the fridge up to 3 days before using or freeze in small batches for up to 3 months.

our Vintage rind makes a delicious savoury addition to your favourite dishes

* Caramelise a couple of shallots (or an onion) and garlic in a large saucepan over a medium-high heat

* Add a bunch of thyme, several sprigs of parsley and couple of bay leaves and a tsp of black peppercorns (You can add a generous glug of white wine at this point     if you wish, bring to a simmer and allow to cook until the liquid is reduced by approx. half)

* Add your cheese rinds and top up the pan with water and any vegetables you like – celery, carrots etc… bring to the boil over a high heat

* Reduce to a simmer and cook for 1 ½ – 2 hours stirring occasionally before straining

Rose Farm: The perfect Partners

A Visit to Rose Farm – producers of Somerset preserves. The perfect accompaniments for cheddar cheese.

Recently I popped over to visit Richard and Charlotte, the owners of Rose Farm Products. The first thing that hit me was the delicious smell! (3 of their cooks were busy in their kitchen producing the day’s batches). All their products are made by hand in small batch, open pans. They produce a vast range of Chutneys, Pickles, Relishes and Jams! And because of this special visit, I now know the difference between these different methods of preserving! Do you know the difference between a chutney, and pickle and a relish? If not, read on to find out!

Just 4 miles from our Dairy in Cheddar their production site can be found down a narrow country lane with exquisite views across the green fields towards the Mendip Hills. The view from the office window is enviable.

These days Rose Farm HQ specialises in make over 100 traditional chutneys, pickles, sauces, jams, and dressings. Ingredients are carefully selected to produce many local and family recipes, and this is evident.

Richard started the business in 1985. He had previously been a Poultry Farmer but struggled to sell his small sized eggs, apparently nobody wants small eggs! To solve this problem, he started pickling them himself and began selling them to local pubs. Soon the pub landlords wanted pickled onions too and it was this that spurred Richard on to extend the ‘pickled’ range; instead of buying these products in, he decided to make them himself.

Charlotte, Richard’s daughter joined in 2003 and has helped to grow the business bringing to it her retail experience – including her graduate training scheme at Harrods no less! She was keen to protect her grandmother’s recipe for Harvest Chutney which they still produce today, and it is delicious. It is their best-selling product and having now registered the name, Charlotte has ensured nobody else in the country can produce a ‘Harvest Chutney’.

After our chat, Charlotte and Richard took me into their ‘kitchen’ where their small team of cooks were attending the day’s batches, busily stirring pans, filling jars or positioning labels. Everything is done by hand with all the attention to detail this brings with it. I really enjoyed my tour and more than that, enjoyed spending time with Richard and Charlotte. We had many things in common; both small family businesses, making small batch high quality products, by hand, relying on a small, dedicated team of lovely staff who are conscientious, consistent but also fun!

So finally, for those of you who are curious, Chutneys are sweet, they contain softer ingredients having been cooked for longer than Pickles – which are made with more chunky, harder vegetables and contain more vinegar than Chutneys. Relishes however are cooked for much longer than the other two which results in a sweet, more sticky consistency. We sell many of their PRESERVES both in our shop in Cheddar Gorge and online through our website – all of which complement our traditional cheddar beautifully.


Thank you, Richard and Charlotte.

June already!

We’re ready for summer; JOIN US!

As we continue on the road map to freedom we’re getting excited about what’s ahead this month.  Here are some positive thoughts and reasons to be cheerful. Read on to find out more….

  1. Why is our cheddar special?

  2. We’ve won another Award for our VINTAGE Cheddar 😃

  3. Join us to celebrate NATIONAL CHEESE DAY on June 4th

  4. Have you considered a holiday in the South West?

  5. Our VISITOR CENTRE is bustling again – watch us make cheese ‘live’

  6. Some positive reviews we’d like to share


Cheddar is the most popular cheese in the world – and with good reason. It can be mild, strong, creamy, hard, it can have a rind, and can be tingly, crunchy, complex and smooth. Some of us can produce cheddars which have all these qualities.

Thousands of tons of cheddar cheese are sold in the UK every year! We try to replicate how cheddar was originally made – by hand, with raw milk and long-matured in cloth. Most importantly, in the village of Cheddar itself. Hence our strap line:


All our cheese is made from raw cow’s milk sourced from one local farm. As a small family run business we have made it our mission to produce heritage cheddar cheese true to its regional provenance and traditions. Since 2003 we have succeeded in doing exactly that, winning some major awards along the way and most importantly, preserving this dying tradition.

We make TRADITIONAL Cheddar by hand with raw milk. This is long-matured in cloth which significantly affects the flavour and texture. We can’t compete with the large scale industrial cheddar cheese manufacturers on price and volume but we do compete on taste! If you’re looking for a cheddar  “like it used to taste” with a strong, long, complex flavour then we might have what you’re looking for.

We’re delighted to be OPEN again in Cheddar Gorge – both our shop and Visitor Centre. If you are in the area or passing through Somerset, please call in. We’d love to see you.


Here is a recent photo of the lovely ladies who produce our milk


Cheese competitions have gone all hi-tech! The new VIRTUAL CHEESE AWARDS were held in May – AND we could watch the actual cheese judging ‘live’! This was interesting and scary at the same time. Our Vintage Cheddar won 2nd place in the Traditional Cheddar Cheese Category. This was a lovely surprise for us because our Vintage Cheddar,  these days, is much older than it used to be (another consequence of the Pandemic). Normally we mature our Vintage for 2 years but these days it’s 30 months old – the oldest we have ever sold. We closed our shop in Cheddar during each lock-down, which has pushed the age profile on. We were concerned this would be too strong for many, but no, this extended age traditional cheddar is a rarity; and it seems the more mature the cheese, the more you like it!

As Marcus Wareing said….
You cannot beat a good cheddar and this one is delicious. Slightly crumbly and full of flavour’  

It’s National Cheese Day on June 4th

We’ve decided to make a little celebration of it this year and will be having 3 days of fun in our courtyard here in Cheddar Gorge! Our trusty Gazebo will be up again and we’ll be handing out FREE cheese toasties and warmed cheese straws to anyone we can entice in!

So, if you can make it please come along on either Friday 4th, Saturday 5th or Sunday 6th of June between 1 and 4pm to taste our toasties and learn more about the benefits of eating cheese. Why not book in to one of our afternoon Visitor Centre sessions and watch us make cheese live too?

How about a holiday in the South West this year?

With lockdowns lifting, things are looking up! However the prospect of jumping on a plane and chasing the sunshine is still in doubt, so it increasingly looks like we will be spending another summer at home in the UK.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have a special holiday.

We often overlook our own island due to its familiarity. Before the pandemic, England was one of the most visited countries in the world. Perhaps we shouldn’t dismiss our home soil so quickly. Instead, why not consider what getaways the UK has to offer?

We are the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Co. after all, so we have an allegiance to the South West!


Did you know that Cornwall has been classified by the University of Exeter as having a subtropical climate? This puts Cornwall on par with parts of Australia and Vietnam. Turns out you don’t need to jump on a plane for warm weather after all!

If the weather isn’t enough to entice you, Cornwall’s picturesque towns will. Think cobbled streets, multi-coloured houses, and sandy beaches. Due to its stunning landscape, Cornwall has provided the backdrop for numerous television shows, including BBC’s Poldark, and it is the home of the famous Cornish pasty and rich Cornish clotted cream.


Like Cornwall, Devon has some fantastic beaches on offer, with the added benefit of being slightly closer to the rest of the UK and thus that bit more accessible. Bantham Beach and Croyde Bay are top spots for surfing and body boarding, whilst the Jurassic Coast is your destination for dramatic sea views and fossil collecting. Moving inland, the remarkable tors of Dartmoor provide great walking and epic photography, and there are numerous meandering rivers for paddle boarding. You can eat fresh fish and chips, enjoy some Devonshire Ales, and have a traditional Devonshire afternoon tea (don’t forget, the jam goes on top).


Last, but not least: our very own Somerset!

Somerset is of course, home to cheddar cheese! Also cider, strawberries and stunning scenery. We may be biased, but we believe that Cheddar Gorge is something to behold. The 400 feet high cliffs (higher than the Cliffs of Dover) tower above the relatively narrow gorge. Driving through the gorge and watching this landscape unfold is spectacular; something for the bucket list.

There are countless activities to dive into in Cheddar, including cliff top hikes, caving, rock climbing and, of course, we also have a Visitor Centre where you can watch us make our traditional cheddar ‘live’ throughout the day! Click here for more details.  No need to go abroad for fantastic cheese when we have award winning cheddar right here.

In Cheddar Gorge – and the whole of the South West – there is plenty to discover, so there is no need to feel disheartened about staying local for your summer holiday. We, here at The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Co. embody the local in everything we do. We source our milk from one local farm. Our cheeses mature on site in our stores and within the Cheddar Gorge caves. We are proud of our locality, and we encourage you to be proud too.

Stay safe this summer and book a trip in the UK.

With thanks to our lovely contributor, Carrie Gerard for this enlightening insight into the South West.

And finally, we have received some lovely reviews this week both from people who have visited us in Cheddar and those who buy our products online. Here’s a few we’d like to share…

“I ordered some cheese as a present for a friend on Monday.  Here we are on Wednesday morning and the cheese has arrived, well packed and the ice-block still frozen.   All the packaging is environmentally friendly too.  We visited the shop last September and it is a real treasure – had to queue up at the back and told my husband I wouldn’t be long.  Came out the front door with two carrier bags full!   So yummy and the cheese straws are the best I have ever tasted,   The cave-aged cheese is to die for.   Thoroughly recommend the shop and the website”Thank you Heather (online customer)

“Always helpful staff, always great cheese”  Thank you Alex – Google Review after visiting us in Cheddar

“During Covid lockdown it was difficult to get the full experience [our Visitor Centre was Closed at this time]  but the shop had good protocols, allowed tasting safely, and was lovely to visit and buy some great cheeses”  Thanks Herbie – TripaAdvisor Review

For the time being we still have our COVID protocols in place – for your safety and ours.
By limiting the number of customers into our shop, you may have a short wait. Nobody seems to mind this, and once you are in our shop you will enjoy the cool, calm, spacious space! The personal cheese tasting is less rushed and we are always happy to talk you through the different ages of cheddar – TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!

We look forward to welcoming you to Cheddar Gorge this summer

Virtual Cheese Awards 2021

2nd place for our Traditional Vintage Cheddar!

One of the very many things to suffer during the pandemic were the UK annual Cheese Awards.

These are usually held as part of the quintessentially British agricultural shows such as The Bath and West Show or the Frome Cheese Show. We’ve missed these wonderful events which showcase the best of the best of British Food, Livestock, Produce and Craft.

The Virtual Cheese Awards

These were launched in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic to promote and celebrate the fantastic British cheese industry in their time of great need. In 2020 the Virtual Cheese Awards were the only ones to take place. 

Although the 2020 Awards were organised very quickly, it still attracted over 300 entries and helped raise awareness of some fantastic British cheeses and the people who make them. All the profits from the event were donated to support cheesemakers and farming charities.

Manufacturers and consumers alike loved the modern format that allowed them watch the judging live and get instant feedback.

The Virtual Cheese Awards 2021 – they’ve been held again this year!

We are delighted to have won  SECOND place in the Traditional Vintage Cheddar Class!

Thank you to Nigel Barden who has been the supreme organiser of the Virtual Cheese awards, ably supported by a gang of esteemed cheesys! The judges were all experts in the cheese world and if you were lucky enough to watch the judging ‘live’ on May 7th this year, the assessment of each cheese was mesmerising to watch. Apart from taste, their judging included: appearance, aroma, texture and whether the cheese was true to type. It was wonderful! All winners were truly deserved.

Congratulations to Feltham Farm’s La Fresca Margarita who was the overall winner of Best of British Cheese (for the second year running!). An amazing achievement.

British Cheese Weekender

(If you missed our session on this year’s British Cheese Weekender,
you can watch it again HERE)

We were very excited to be involved!

Launched last year in response to the crisis facing the country’s specialist cheesemakers when the Pandemic struck, the British Cheese Weekender returned this year with three days of free online cheese events aimed at celebrating and supporting this fragile sector. Be transported around the country, from fields and farms to dairies and maturing rooms, as well as cheesemongers’ counters and the kitchens of top chefs. Many of the sessions can be watched again.

Have a look at the programme of events HERE

Each day, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 3.30pm there was a super line-up of 30 minute talks, demonstrations, interviews, wine and cheese pairings – the list was endless!

The programme of talks and speakers is now live on the What’s On page on the British Cheese Weekender Website   organised so well by Tracey Colley and Patrick McGuigan. They have included lots of information on the best places to buy cheese and any related offers. What a line up! There were chef demos from Tommy Banks, Simon Rogan, Mark Hix & James Golding, farm and dairy tours, cheese masterclasses from experts and even cheese pairings with wines and whisky.

John and Katherine from The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company had their own Saturday night slot and were chatting about their unique cheddar cheese (8.30pm on Saturday April 24th). Click on the link below to whizz to their event.

So what’s so special about The Only Cheddar Made in Cheddar?

Watch our short film HERE  to find out!

A visit from Rosanna Head

We had the privileged of meeting Rosanna Head from South East London Blog ( last October. Rosanna is passionate about ‘Community’ not only in her native SE London, but further afield (when permitted to explore!).

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members, a heart of grace and a soul generated by love.” Coretta Scott King.

The quote above appears on Rosanna’s website which is a lovely reminder about the the value of support and kindness in our communities which, these days, has never been more important.

Here’s Rosanna’s report…

Weekend trip to Cheddar to visit Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company

The reason for the visit was to meet the couple behind the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company, a family run business in Cheddar. As the editor of south east London blog I am passionate about local, small and artisan businesses and as many of you know, I like to get under the skin of a brand and meet the people who make the magic happen. I was delighted to be invited to interview John and Katherine Spencer, a passionate pair with a lot of knowledge in the time honoured tradition of purveying fine genuine farmhouse cheddar cheese, and proud owners of a cheese shop that has been continuously family run for generations.

The Cheddar Cheese Gorge Company is the only producer of cheddar cheese in the village of Cheddar, who use traditional methods to make cheese. They recently opened up the visitor centre post Covid-19, by appointment only, and the newly designed shop and tasting bar is open and has an improved one-way layout. It’s open from 10am every day and we were really lucky to watch the traditional cheese making process in person and get to taste some cheddar.

We held the interview in one of the store houses, a little chilly, but enamoured to be among the big cheeses that day (excuse the pun!) We talk about how this home grown company has gone from strength to strength, even through Covid-19, how the cheese gets produced and graded, the power of the humid limestone caves in Cheddar Gorge in creating the optimal flavour of cheddar and their plans for the future, oh, and a slightly cheesy love story about how they met 🙂

Rosanna Head, Editor Interviews John and Katherine Spencer, Cheddar Cheese Gorge Company.

The Cheddar

The cheese they produce, a whole cheese, as you can see in the background of the video, weighs around 26Kg and is matured for up to 24 months in its closely monitored maturing stores. Generally, the older the cheese, the stronger the flavour. The ‘mellow’ cheddars are around six months old. The oldest, ‘vintage’ cheddar is usually around two years old.

After receiving outstanding feedback and popularity for the ‘Isolation Bundles’ during the UK lockdown, the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company is launching two brand-new ‘Cheese Your Own’ bundles (from £25) for all cheese lovers. A great choice of traditional British cheeses are available, all very different from one another, yet each delicious in their own right. Choose from:

  • Mellow Cheddar – six months old; creamy in texture with a gentle yet still distinctive traditional cheddar taste.
  • Extra Mature – is around 15 months old so this cheddar is much stronger in taste. It’s harder in texture too, as expected from a long-matured traditional cheddar.
  • Vintage – the oldest cheddar – robust and mighty strong. Matured for more than two years, with a harder, drier texture not dissimilar to Italian Parmesan style cheese. This was my favourite!
  • Cave Matured Cheddar is one of a kind – it’s around 12 months old having been matured in the natural caves in Cheddar Gorge. Smooth, creamy yet complex. This in an interesting cheddar and very different from the others in the range which are matured in its own cheese stores.

Alternatively, you can pick from their natural smoked or other flavoured cheeses, flavoured with quality ingredients such as herbs, cider or port (no preservatives or colours used) and matured for five to six months. Allowing the curds and flavours to mature together over time produces a complimentary harmony of flavours rather than a sharp, acidic crash which often happens when ready-to-eat cheddar cheese is blended with flavours and repressed.

You can purchase these bundles whilst visiting the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company’s newly redesigned shop, as well as trying the cheeses at the tasting bar before you choose. Also, whilst there, customers can enjoy its visitor centre which combines a viewing gallery where visitors can watch the cheesemaker ‘in action’ throughout the day plus get a glimpse into one of its Maturing Stores too. A 20-minute film also shows the whole process from start to finish. It’s a great day out for kids and the whole family.

To purchase the ‘Cheese Your Own’ Bundles online for a swift home delivery, please visit . To book a visit to watch them make their famous cheese, call 01934 742810 during office hours.

For daily updates & cheese inspiration, follow The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company on social media: Twitter @CheddarCheeseCo, Instagram @cheddargorgecheeseco and Facebook @cheddargorgecheesecompany.


‘Best Cheddar’ at the British Cheese Awards in 2013 and the ‘Champion Cheese’ at the Devon County Show in 2017, in 2018 they won another Gold at The British Cheese Awards and The Great British Food Awards 2019 selected The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company’s Vintage cheddar as being Highly Commended by, none-other, Marcus Wearing!

Getting There

Cheddar is about 3.5 hours from south east London, a nice drive and a great spot to get away for the weekend.

The Surrounding Area

Cheddar Gorge – Walking routes – Visit National Trust for walks and more info.

Ebbor Gorge – Walking routes, great views of Cheddar and Glastonbury Tor – this is the walk we did. It took about three hours, moderate and up hill a good part of the way. The views at the top were well worth the hike. Find out more on the walk we did here at Discovering Britain.

Glastonbury Town – 20 minutes drive from Cheddar, we didn’t visit this time but plan to return again soon.

Wells Historic Town and Cathedral – A quaint little market town with cathedral and palace gardens. A splattering of lovely boutique shops and cafes, the square is a great spot to watch the world go by. We enjoyed coffee and a delicious cinnamon swirl in Loaf Bakehouse. A funky relaxing space, where the bake the cakes on site – delicious!

Wookey Hole – we stayed in a basic hotel here. This village is aimed to cater mostly for families with children, with a couple of pubs and places to eat and some tourist attractions guaranteed to while away the day with the kids. Check out the Wookey Hole Caves and more here.

For more info on the area why not check out the Visit Somerset website, jam packed with info and ideas.


Signs of Spring Love and Welsh Rarebit – James Martin Style!

Happy 2021!

Lockdown number 3 arrived and whilst unlike LD1 the days may feel short, dark, and cold, there are still many ways to brighten up these times! Here are a few of our favourite uplifting thoughts to get you through these difficult times …

1. The snowdrops are out; Spring is on it’s way.
2.  10 million people in the UK have had their first COVID vaccination.
3.  Unlike LD1, this time we’ve continued to produce our cheese.
4.  We are preparing for the reopening of our Shop and Visitor Centre in Cheddar – hopefully this Spring/Summer. And we cannot wait to welcome you all back.
5. We have a special Welsh Rarebit Recipe for the perfect LOCKDOWN LUNCH – James Martin style!


Click here for the full story



A Tasty Slice of English Heritage

The Smart Leisure Guide

Vivien Devlin  member of the British Guild of Travel Writers


Vivien is a beautiful writer of SMART leisure guides. Extremely thorough in her research you can be certain of an honest opinion with accurate recommendations. We are then extremely proud to have been scrutinised by Vivien and delighted to be included in her ‘Smart Guide’  – she has magically produced an article which is both interesting, historical and enticing! If only we had her talent.

Why is hers a SMART Leisure Guide?

She plans to offer fabulous, fun and unusual ideas to liven up weekends and time off from work: smart as in a wise move such as good value; smart as in sassy and stylish;  smart as in being good to yourself, keeping fit and healthy; smart as in art and culture.

Through her regular blogs, she recommends hotels, restaurants, bars and pubs, art galleries, beauty salons and spas,  city walks, countryside rambles,  shares her love of books,  theatre, music,  along with little titbits on what to do and where to go in your leisure time.

What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.
No time to stand beneath the boughs
And stare as long as sheep or cows…”

―William Henry Davies

So, with that thought in mind, read on.. CLICK HERE


Cheese Glorious Cheese!


Here’s our latest news update. Read on to to discover our latest team news, our Christmas gift ideas plus a spooky Halloween biscuit recipe.

As half term ends and the nights draw in things quieten down in Cheddar Gorge. Our shop will remain open every day from 10am but will close at 4pm from November 1st. Our Visitor Centre will close then too but this area will be invaluable extra space for us to pack up and dispatch our online orders. In addition to making our shop COVID safe this year we have changed the staff working and relaxing areas to ensure we can all keep a safe distance from each other too.

Read our newsletter?  CLICK HERE 


The Ultimate Cheese Board

We were honoured to be asked to supply some of our cheese to Binita Shah, the award winning Food, Travel & Wildlife Conservation writer.

Binny knows her stuff! A serial wanderluster (her own words) she is a vastly experienced traveller and explorer of world cultures and food. She is one of those gentle souls who thinks deeply about things, and we were lucky enough to have met her a few years ago when she visited us in Cheddar.

Her travels have taken her around the globe where she likes nothing more than to taste the local food and drinks. She catalogues her travels in detail reporting her experiences in her unique way – always a pleasure to read. Her travels have been limited recently, for obvious reasons and so she has been working on other things, drawing on her experiences and recommendations – pre pandemic.

In preparation for Christmas she has just written about her ULTIMATE CHEESE board which features our cheddar! And we couldn’t be more proud.

Click on the image below to read about Binny’s cheeseboard and to find out more about her, her travels and beautiful writing.

My Ultimate Cheese Board