Eat Cheddar, Live Longer?

There was an interesting article in the Daily Telegraph recently entitled ‘Eat Cheddar, live longer? The 5 surprising health benefits of cheese’. Read the full report HERE.

Of course we are going to support and promote such publications, but this article is particularly interesting.

There’s a nice introduction on ‘How to taste cheese like a master’ – forget the MASTER bit. Just read the simple advice about tasting cheese… look at it, feel it, smell it, chew slooooowly! These tips sound obvious, but if you take your time over selecting cheese, conscious of these snippets of advice along the way, you will get so much more from your cheese – whatever varieties you prefer.

There seems to be a wealth of research recently about the heath benefits of cheese in general (in addition to the pleasure it gives). Arguably milk will always be the best food for a mammal. But we truly believe the protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin, bacterial and mineral mix in milk really does provide optimum dietary requirements. OK, so human milk will be the best, but the composition of cow, sheep & goat’s milk too will be close.

The article makes lots of references to scientific research in relation to consumption of cheese and the related benefits to the immune system, increased metabolism and reduced coronary heart disease,  but one bit jumps out; French people tend to live ‘longer and healthier’ lives compared to many Europeans. Which is odd when they, as a nation, consume diets high in saturated fats (‘The French Paradox’). Considering they are huge consumers of cheese, why haven’t they had the same historic obesity concerns as us?

We really don’t think this is a case of believing this research because we want to believe it.

It just makes sense.