Reuse, Reduce, Recycle!

We've been reviewing our mail order packaging and replacing lots of items with more eco-friendly alternatives. This has proved to be a tricky task as the maintenance of  cheese quality during transit has had to remain a priority too.

It's work in progress for sure, and we will continue to improve as more environmentally kinder materials evolve. At least we have started 2020 with some lovely green improvements.

A bit of background info...

We've eliminated all use of polystyrene (yes, a horrible material but to be fair had excellent light-weight and insulation properties...perfect for sending out our cheese in order to keep it cool and minimise transport costs). During the hot summer of 2018 we trialed recycled & recyclable cardboard boxes combined with 'green' bubble wrap and potato starch 'peanuts'. We replaced our small 'ice' strips with larger Ice Mats which can be reused.

To summarise, here's what you can do with your mail order packaging:

ICE MAT - please reuse! You can pop it in the freezer to be used in the future to cool anything down. Useful for picnics, ice baths or wrap in a towel to use an an ice pack to ease  muscle injuries or swellings. If you don't want to keep them the outer plastic pouch can be recycled as LDPE4 and the liquid contents can be poured down the sink safely. NB. Do not consume the contents.

AIR CUSHION - please reuse or deflate and recycle. A lightweight cushion useful for insulation or cushioning delicate items in transit.  These 'Opus Bio' cushions reduces plastic pollution as the film uses a special additive that causes the film to completely biodegrade in the presence of moisture, micro-organisms and oxygen within 12 to 24 months, leaving no residue.

POTATO STARCH 'PEANUTS'  - these can be dug into the garden to aerate the soil or simply thrown onto the compost heap. Children love playing with them too. They're squishy and squashy and their imaginations take off! Endless fun for all, actually. Dispose of in the green garden waste bin.

CARDBOARD BOX - Who doesn't find a cardboard box useful?! AND another favourite for a little one and of course, a cat! Otherwise, please recycle.


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