Especially Strong Cheddar


190g Round


If you like strong cheddar, you’ll especially love this! These mini ‘truckles’ take our cheddar into another dimension! They are the result of a longer maturing period (26 months +) – whereupon the consistency becomes softer but the taste becomes even stronger.

Our traditional cheddar, combined into a small round individual cheese which weighs 190g. You might say that this is not a cheese for the faint-hearted. It’s back by popular demand but with a limited stock…

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Enjoying your Especially Strong…

This cheese punches above its weight. Big bold flavours with a unique soft, creamy texture which are only enhanced by full-bodied wines and port, dark beers and for those who enjoy a single malt whisky…this is your cheese.

Take the flavour further, and crumble into a salad or on top of a quiche. Then again, why meddle with perfection?

Enjoy with nothing more than some seriously crunchy crackers.

And our customers love it.

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Made with raw cow’s MILK

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