The Ultimate Cheddar Christmas Gift Bag


Some customers have recently asked us for a Company luxury gift. Something more than we had to offer online already; something that was a huge treat which would not only taste good but remind them of happy trips to Cheddar Gorge.

Scroll down to see full list of contents. Suffice to say this bag contains the best of the best.

We called this, most imaginatively, the The Ultimate Gift Bag!

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In addition to cheese, our customers were looking for a little more including some ‘little extras’ to make this a super gift. So we included one of our Company aprons, a cool bag and of course our lovely sturdy eco-friendly jute bag. Launched to extend our online range of special treats and gifts.

They all fit nicely into our Jute Bag, and this is how we’ll send it. Don’t forget we can add even more little extras if you like, and a special message for the recipient. Include any special instructions at ‘checkout’ in the GIFT MEASSAGE section.

It contains:

….. All stuffed (gently) into one of our Jute Bags. We think you, or someone you know will LOVE this.

Allergen Advice

Cheese: Made with raw cow’s MILK
Cheese Straws: WHEAT, EGG, MILK
Red Onion Marmalade: BARLEY malt vinegar
Red Chilli Jam/ Jalapeno Pepper Jelly: CHILLI
Furniss Cornish Biscuits: WHEAT and MILK & may contain traces of NUTS

All individual products have labels which list ingredients & allergens

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