Renowned Writer Praises Our Cheese

Pie Fidelity by Pete Brown. IN DEFENCE OF BRITISH FOOD

By chance we happened upon this book – then were shocked and elated to read all about us on page 64!

Pete Brown, Writer, Speaker, Broadcaster, Beer Expert and regular contributor to BBC Radio 4’s Food Programme has spent a few years researching some classic British foods, anonymously roaming the Country finding out for himself, the best, typically British foods.

This is a witty book, emotional at times, mostly spot on. A lovely read. He explores our equivalent of ‘street food’, considered elsewhere in the world ‘exciting’ ‘authentic’ and ‘a must’ wherever you travel. Somehow though, us Brits have a strange relationship with food, we don’t shout about it as others do, but are nevertheless, underneath it all, proud and comforted by some of our special, homegrown foods.

He starts out in this book having the most memorable of special meals (with his future wife); Pork Pie on a bed of Mushy Peas. When you finish the chapter, your mouth will be watering and all you can think about is shopping for the perfect Pork Pie and a tin of mushy peas!

We must mention his chapter on ‘A Cheese Sandwich’ and his quest for Cheddar Cheese. Unbeknownst to us he visited, watched us make it, tasted it, chatted to our staff and has now written about it appealingly in this book.

He totally gets what we’re all about and writes beautifully, better than anyone has (including us) about what we’re trying to do in the Village of Cheddar, the home of Cheddar Cheese – celebrating and preserving the genuine, traditional, authentic product.

Excerpts about us:

‘the only cheese-maker in the world that makes Cheddar cheese in Cheddar and matures some of it in the caves of Cheddar Gorge’

‘It’s a business that was in seemingly terminal decline when John and Katherine Spencer took it over in 2003, deciding that there might be a market for Cheddar made in its rightful location using the traditional process and ingredients. They source all their milk from one local farm and stick to the traditional, back-breaking tradition of cheddaring. This is it: the only place in Cheddar that doesn’t just sell cheese but celebrates it.’

Their shop sells ‘the perfect present for the cheese lover in your life’

‘There are two big tasting counters staffed by people who may well think of Cheddar as ‘normal cheese’ but can tell you anything you want to know about it.’

‘there are two versions of the mature cheese. One was matured in Gough’s Cave, the star of the complex at the foot of the Gorge. The cave-aged cheese is softer, mellower, yet full of flavour than the one matured here’ (in our own maturing stores). I had been wondering whether my growing obsession with terroir and cave-ageing was mostly sentimental. But here’s proof that this stuff makes a real difference to the world’s favourite cheese’

Thanks Pete Brown.

You have summed it up perfectly and we couldn’t be happier you called in. Especially overjoyed that you came to these, nonpartisan conclusions.


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