Somerset Day is Coming

I’ll be perfectly honest, I married into Somerset.  Before that I just had it down as a pleasant place you passed through on the way to somewhere else.  It’s hard to imagine now, working at the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Co, how much my view of the world has changed. In particular, I am pleased to say, I have enjoyed experiencing Somerset coming into its own as a destination in its own right.  This place has a real sense of itself and I have been happily tuning in over the years to the value, spirit, initiative and the beauty that is all around.

From Exmoor to Wells, and from Glastonbury to Bath and through the lanes and across the marshes, wetlands and Levels. For every artisan cheese, charcuterie and cider maker, through the misty celebration of each season, (does anywhere do mornings and evenings better?)  It seems to me, more and more – though I am sure it has always been so, that Somerset is indeed a rare jewel.

Upcoming Events In Somerset

Well celebration time is truly here. If you’re from Somerset you might have heard of a little party dreaming big, called ‘Somerset Day’. We are delighted to say that we are helping to kick it off.  There’s so much to get involved in the coming week.  Check out the Somerset Day website for a full list of what is on offer. From ‘Made in Somerset’ to the start of The Great Somerset Tea Party, in aid of St Margaret’s Hospice Care.

There’s the chance in the “World Cup of Somerset”. Where you can tweet #WCoSomerset to rate the one thing you love best about Somerset. We might be biased and obviously there is more to Somerset than our fabulous cheese. After all, there is cider!

Speaking of which, we’ll be at the amazing Wincanton Races on the Thursday 1oth for their Cheese and Cider night.  Understanding it’s not all about us, we are proudly sharing the ground with a top selection of the best cheese makers and cider producers in the county. Why not make an evening of it?  That way you can enjoy at least three of the delightful things that make Somerset such a fabulous county to work, live and play in.  It might make picking a winner, a bit less of a gamble.

Not wanting to leave out the amazing creatives that are studded throughout Somerset, we are proud to be helping Somersetcool at the launch of “Picture Somerset” with artist Donna Vale at “For Every Cloud” Gallery, Langport. There must be talent to watch here, with over 2,500 entries!

You might say there is something for everyone in Somerset. And you could also add there may well be something for everyone in Somerset in Somerset Day!


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