VIP Tour

This Tour is unique and quite separate from our general Visitor Centre experience which is still open to all, every day, where no advance booking is necessary.

Our NEW VIP tours were launched in January 2022 and have proved to be very popular. Tickets can be bought online (see below) and dates need to be booked with us in advance. Please give us a ring to check availability.

Available on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

(We are avoiding school holidays and weekends for these special tours to ensure you have exclusive use of the Visitor Centre and Cheese Tasting bar).

Our VIPs will be well looked after. Your very own guide will accompany you, show you how we make our rather special cheese, you’ll inspect our cheese maturing store (not normally open to the public) and of course you will have your very own cheese tasting session. Ask as many questions as you like!

You’ll leave more the wiser, full of cheese and will be carrying a goody bag! More importantly, with a special memory.

We love having visitors which,  up to now, has included large groups; members of the public, students, school children and once even a huge group of chefs! The idea now is to offer something more special, take more time to explain, demonstrate and taste The Only Cheddar Made in Cheddar. These new experiences will involve very small groups, one on one if preferred. It will be a most personal experience and very informative.

Having tested out various tour options on some ‘very important visitors’ throughout 2021 we have settled on the one which was most popular and has generated by far the most interest and produced fantastic feedback! (Our special thanks to The Simms family, 9 year old Birthday Girl Amelia and Family and of course Marc and Mary).

The tour starts at 10:30am to ensure exclusive use of our Visitor Centre which will be closed to the general public whilst you are here.

Do book early as these are popular and places may be limited.

The VIP Tour – £25 a head, 1 & 1/2  Hour Experience

Minimum 2 , maximum 8 people due to restricted space in our Maturing Store
  • Personal warm welcome

  • Watch our Cheesemaker in action ‘LIVE’

  • We’ll run our Cheesemaking Film showing you the process from start to finish

  • Extended tour of our maturing stores with a talk about influence of the environment on the maturing, cloth-bound cheddars. This area is not normally open to the public. We will show you how we grade cheese using ‘an Iron’ and explain how we make predictions about our aging cheeses during these organoleptic assessments! We’ll chat about how we control the temperature and humidity in our stores and explain how our stores compare to Gough’s Cave here in Cheddar Gorge, where we mature some of our cheeses too.

  • Your own personal tasting session of our different aged traditional cheddars plus some flavoured cheeses at our Taster Bar

  • Goody Bag for each with a box of cheese straws plus a portion of your favourite cheese

  • Q&As

We are happy to discuss tailor made visits for fewer people of course. These will need to be agreed in advance – and the prices may vary.

Please get in touch to discuss which you think is perfect for you!

  • *  We will close our Visitor Centre to the general public during these VIP Tours for your exclusive use.
  • *  All visitors will be given a protective coat & hairnet which must be worn in our cheese maturing store rooms.
  • *  We will ensure we adhere to recommended Coronavirus safety guidelines.

Anything is possible!

Each inquiry will be discussed in detail with you to ensure we commit to the best possible experience available on your preferred date.


 Some useful information to help you prepare for your visit

  • *  We recommend parking at Cliff Street Car Park. Situated at the bottom of the gorge and only a couple of minutes walk to our Shop and Dairy It’s the most reasonably priced car park in Cheddar Gorge and has extra-large and disabled bays available as well as public toilets.
  • *  Cheddar Gorge is a popular visitor attraction and car parks do fill quickly, especially at peak time during school holidays and weekends so advise arriving early. Have time to spare? Why not enjoy a stroll or grab a coffee? (Sedgemoor District Council Car Park, Cliff Street, Cheddar, BS27 3PS.  Open Mon – Sun from 9am to 6pm (1 Hour – 80p, 2 Hours – £1.60, 4 Hours – £3.50 and All Day – £5.50).
  • *  When you arrive, pop into our shop, say hello and Emma will be ready to welcome you. Emma will guide you around our site. The tour will start at our Visitor Centre where you will learn the interesting history of Cheddar Cheese and view our Cheesemaking Dairy and watch our cheese makers do what they do best (our working dairy is viewed in ‘real time’ so what you see will depend on what’s happening at that time). We’ll run a cheesemaking film whilst you watch the ‘live’ action to show you the entire 7-hour cheese making process. From there we’ll whizz over to our cheese store to see how we mature our cloth-bound cheddars. You’ll learn about the importance the environment has on the maturing cheese and how we control it. We’ll show you how the traditional skill of grading cheese before finishing with a one to one cheese tasting session where you’ll be able to sample our range of traditional cheddars.
  • *   Our shop and taster bar will be open throughout the day and each guest will receive a day pass to our Visitor Centre so if you would like to call in later in the day to watch the next stages of cheesemaking ‘live’ you can.
  • *   Children must be accompanied by an adult and all tours will need to be booked in advance.
  • *   Each guest will receive a box of our award-winning cheese straws, a piece of cheese and a day pass to our Visitor Centre.
  • *   We will provide you with a visitor coat and hair net for when you enter our Maturing Store – we suggest you wear sensible flat comfy shoes as the floors in the stores are sometimes wet and slippery. Avoid wearing jewelry and nail varnish please as we will be taking you into our cheese maturing room. We’ll ask you to sign a declaration of good health before you enter the store too.
  • *   Disabled access – there is wheelchair access to our Visitor Centre and Shop. We’re sorry but our maturing stores don’t have access for wheelchairs although rollators can be used.
  • *   Dogs are not permitted in our shop or Visitor Centre unless registered as an assistant dog . Again we are sorry but no dogs are permitted into the maturing stores (there is far too much tempting cheese at dog nose height for this!)
  • *   Some of the sessions are best held outside school holiday times to ensure we can have exclusive use of the Visitor Centre to make sure we offer the best experiences.  We will tailor-make according to our guests within the restrictions imposed due to seasonal demand, group booking commitments and social distancing.  When we get inquiries – these will be discussed  individually to ensure you get exactly what you want.
We are happy to discuss tailor made visits for fewer or larger parties of course.

If you're interested please get in touch either by email ( or give us a ring (01934 742810). We'll be delighted to organise something which is just right for you.